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What parents and teachers say

This is an AMAZING Greek website with a fantastic wealth of Greek oral language and Greek Cultural content.

Georgia Tzanavara

I downloaded your app and Athenoula was loving it this morning. Repeating all of the words, watching the Smurfs, etc.!!! I love that she loves it. Efharisto.

Frozene Philips is the internet program that is universally hailed as the new way of teaching modern Greek through entertainment.

Paul Kotrotsios

Ellinopoula is a fantastic creation helping me teach Greek to my grandchildren.

George Spanos

Thank you!!! I really want to keep Greek alive. I’m soooooo grateful for you all and this platform for helping to make that possible!!!

Alexandra Gatsis

Thank you for your assistance this year, the program has been pivotal in helping our kids learn.

Theodore Tasoulas

We love Ellinopoula!! My kiddos are loving every minute of zoom class and the online learning platform!

Ermioni Idaris

This program is Amazing! My daughter looks forward to her time with Ellinopoula and I value the engaging and motivational activities it has to offer! Ellinopoula not only teaches Greek language skills, but also enriches the student with stories of history, culture and Greek heritage.

Despina Grace

Oh and just a high 5 to you guys AGAIN!  We received a couple of easter cards from Greece in Greek of course and except for a couple accents she read them like a dream, my mom who is very poised and in control of her emotions was very moved by her nearly effortless reading. So, again I cannot thank you enough for this wonderful platform.

Maran McLamb

This new platform of Ellinopoula is godsent!!  It is a wonderful program and we are very grateful that the school has purchased it for the students.  My daughter is completing all her work and hopes to advance her knowledge of the Greek language and culture. Again I wanted to thank all of you that made this possible.

Thea Dimopoulos

Thank you, passing on our Greek language and culture to my children is very important to me. I want to thank you for creating an amazing program that makes it easy and fun for them to learn our heritage.

George Poulakis

I really like the tutorials, especially October 28th and Aghia Sofia.  It’s a great way to teach our children our rich Greek history, culture and values. This is well done.

Demetrios Samojin

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Ellinopoula Live Online Classes are available at an additional cost (depending on specific class booked) to Ellinopoula subscribers only. To sign up for a class, a valid subscription is needed. For more info on classes, including booking and pricing info, go to

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