Online-Live Classes

As a response to the lockdown, Ellinopoula now offers online live group classes for children to boost their Greek in a positive environment lead by certified Greek language teachers

Class Objectives

Advance progress on Ellinopoula's core learning feature, the Learning Path

Boost conversational Greek

Retain and improve students' level of Greek

Encourage children to stay positive and motivated to learn Greek

Class Format

Ellinopoula Online Classes are booked in semester blocks catering to different time zones. Each class is delivered by a certified, Ellinopoula-approved Greek language teacher through Zoom.

All classes are based on the Ellinopoula platform curriculum and are delivered once-weekly in 60-minute classes with a 10-minute break in the middle. This enables students to have ample time to prepare with the aid of the platform for their next Ellinopoula class.

Class Levels

Ellinopoula Online Classes are split into ability levels to ensure children are placed in the suitable class to enjoy the class and make the most progress. The levels are:

Beginner Low
Complete beginners.
Beginner High
Some knowledge of the Greek language. Attended Greek school for a year. Taken time off and may have forgotten some Greek learned.
Intermediate Low
The student has completed a full year of Greek school.
Intermediate High
Completed a couple of years of Greek school.
Ellinomatheia A1 - Part A
Has completed Intermediate High class or 3 years of Greek school with a placement score of 70% & above.
Ellinomatheia A1 - Part B
Completed Ellinomatheia A1 Part A class or 3 years of Greek school with a placement score of 70% & above.
Ellinomatheia Teens
14 years old & above. Completed Intermediate High class or passed with a placement score of 70% & above.
Exam preparation
Very fast-paced course ONLY for students who have passed the placement test and are willing to work hard and progress fast.
Completed at least 1 year of Greek school.
Completed Conversational Low or Intermediate High class.
Adult Beginner Low
Knows no Greek at all.
Adult Beginner High
Knows the Greek alphabet and can read words with single letters.
Greek Music
All students welcome. Must be willing to learn to sing!
Greek Dancing
All students wanting to learn Greek dances, welcome.

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