A Letter in Greek for Kids to Impress Santa!


Kids love Christmas – the coming together of family, the stories, the sweets, all of the beautiful traditions like waiting for Santa, and of course the presents!

No wonder our Christmas Collection is a favorite with the kids! And wait until they see our new “Μπισκοτόσπιτο” (Cookie house) activity in the New Christmas Collection!

Our New Christmas Collection features classic Christmas songs including “Τρίγωνα Κάλαντα” (Jingle Bells), “Άγια Νύχτα” (Holy Night), and even “Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer” in Greek! It also features lovely Christmas stories, puzzles, and games. Alt Text One of the most popular activities in the collection is the “Letter to Santa” printable which incorporates Greek into the fun of anticipating Santa. It gives kids the opportunity to get proactive and “impress” Santa by writing a letter to him in Greek, complete with a list of all good deeds performed in 2021, and of course, what they’d like Santa to bring them.

If you have a subscription with Ellinopoula, you can access the Letter to Santa printable in the Christmas Collection; alternatively, you can access the printable for free here. You can also start your free trial with Ellinopoula here and enjoy complete access to the platform including the entire Christmas Collection!

First, download and print out the letter to Santa template, which is already addressed to Santa at the “Elves’ Workshop” at the North Pole. The first field to fill in is the child’s name in Greek, and to the left, they need to draw their face for Santa to “recognize” them. Next, notice the box with a blue tick in it to certify that the child was “the best child this year.” Next to it at “20…” fill in the year (2021), and then the child must list some of the good deeds they did in 2021. Alt Text Write as many words as you can in Greek or combine English and Greek. For example, for “I studied extra hard this year and got an A+ in Math,” you could simply write “Μαθηματικά Α+.” Don’t worry about getting it entirely correct – “Santa will know.”

The following section below “Τι θέλω να μου φέρεις φέτος” is where the excitement peaks! Here kids list what they’d like Santa to bring them. Note that Santa will expect all items to be written in Greek by this stage into the letter! Use the Ellinopoula platform, a Greek textbook, or Google to find the names and descriptions of the items requested by Santa.

Finally, don’t forget – your child needs to sign the letter.

We hope you will enjoy this year’s beautiful Christmas Collection as much as our team enjoyed making it!

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a fun time learning Greek!

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