“Meet the Diaspora!” Greek Diaspora Kids Learn about other Countries the Diaspora Reside


One of the most wonderful things we witness in our weekly Live Online Classes is that our students want to know more about the countries their Diaspora classmates live in. They are very interested to know about the Greek Diaspora in other parts of the world – and it’s very exciting to watch them learn about it and share that information in Greek!

That’s why we’ve made a new series of printables called “Meeting the Diaspora.” We made it especially for kids to learn about the countries other Greek Diaspora kids reside in, and they also get to learn a bit of geography in Greek!

Has it been a success so far? Yes! Kids love the design and the fun quizzes! Our “Meeting the Diaspora - Australia” & “Meeting the Diaspora - UK” printables have been a big hit with our Live Online Classes students; they are eager to see the fun maps and quizzes we make for each country.

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With Canada Day and July 4th around the corner, we received many requests to make a “Meeting the Diaspora - Canada” and “Meeting the Diaspora - USA” printable. The printables are free to download directly; just click on the links above to download each!

At Ellinopoula, it’s our mission to support the efforts of all Greek kids learning Greek. Whether learning Greek online in groups, with a tutor, or at a Greek school – strengthening Hellenism worldwide benefits Diaspora kids and the motherland of Greece. We hope our “Meeting the Diaspora” series is a small but valuable step in this direction!

We believe it can only lead to stronger bonds between Greeks, ultimately strengthening Hellenism worldwide.

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