Learning Greek through Dance & Music!


What if there was a proven method to boost children’s problem-solving abilities, strengthen their self-esteem and sense of identity, improve their physical coordination, and boost the effectiveness of their Greek lessons significantly, all at the same time?

This method does exist!

Kids can boost the effectiveness of their online (or physical) Greek school or Greek online lessons by learning Greek dance and music! It is no coincidence that the two have always been part and parcel of a well-rounded education. We need to look no further than Mikis Theodorakis and his contribution to Hellenism through his music legacy. Ancient Greeks knew these were essential in making an educated person, and we know they are an inseparable part of what makes us human!

Furthermore, Greek dance and music are an integral part of what makes us Greek!

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That is why we are thrilled to announce that starting October 2021, Ellinopoula will offer New Live Online Greek Dance & Greek Music classes. The classes aim to help kids embrace Greek heritage through live group classes while boosting their Greek language skills at the same time! Alt Text

Connecting with Hellenism

Traditional dances, music, and songs are a living, breathing continuation of our ancestors’ stories reaching back to prehistory. When we dance a Greek dance, we follow in their footsteps, listening to the music they heard as children. We sing the words inspired by heroes going to battle, mothers whose sons have gone to sea, families whose fortunes were about to be bound together through a young couple’s marriage - and even pranks between close friends centuries ago!

What the science says:

“To boost learning, just add movement,” reports Jennifer Gonzalez; she cites research showing that the use of gestures leads to better learning. Similarly, other research demonstrates that physical activity “activates the brain, improves cognitive function, and is correlated with improved academic performance.” Furthermore, as reported in Science Daily, singing in a foreign language helps students tune into it and can “significantly improve learning how to speak it.”

Ellinopoula Greek Dance Classes

Our Greek Dance classes feature live instruction from an experienced Greek dance teacher who teaches dance steps with the aid of video, the history of Greek dance, the meaning of the lyrics, and of course – how to dance!

Ellinopoula Greek Music Classes

Ellinopoula Greek Music classes introduce Greek music to young kids through live instruction from an experienced Greek music teacher. The teacher will guide the kids to listen to Ellinopoula’s songs collection, learn the history of traditional Greek songs, appreciate original Greek music, and sing in Greek!

Sign up and book your spot today for kids to boost their Greek language skills and connect to their Greek heritage!

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