Ice Cream Memories


Ice cream! It brings up childhood memories of the summer! It is a timeless experience full of different fruit, nut, and chocolate flavors for kids worldwide who are eager to taste different flavors and are quick to declare their favorite - and even start many arguments over it! Through such a simple experience, we see children exploring different flavors, textures, and colors and how excited they get looking forward to their next visit to the ice cream parlor. Exciting and memorable experiences like these are great opportunities for kids to have fun learning Greek – “which one is better? Chocolate or Vanilla? What are they called in Greek, and which one is your favorite?” Alt Text

Celebrating summer & preparing for school

With the summer coming to an end and school about to start, now is a good time for kids to enjoy some ice cream and practice their Greek language skills; combining the Greek they learned online or at Greek school and practicing in real life is one of the best ways for kids to boost their Greek language level. You could, for example, start simply by asking your child: “do you like ice cream?” If the answer is a predictable “YESSS!”, ask for an answer in Greek! For example, if the answer is “Ναι,” you could follow up by asking ask “Γιατί;” To add a bit of extra motivation, you could promise your child a visit to the ice cream parlor after playing this game. You can use the Ellinopoula platform, Google translate, a dictionary, or a schoolbook to help you answer – remember, you don’t have to get every answer right; the goal is for your child to associate learning Greek with family life.

“Ice Cream Journal”

To help make this game more fun, we’ve created an “Ice Cream Journal” printable you can download and print out a copy each to fill out and compare answers! But you’ll have to be honest and write down how many ice creams you’ve had this summer! Other information to write down includes whether you’re an “ice cream expert” and your favorite style of ice cream.

Once you’ve finished with the journal and your child has earned that much-anticipated trip to the ice cream parlor, you can ask what flavor they want, expecting an answer in Greek! Alternatively, if you’ve bought a tub (or two) to enjoy at home, you could ask your child to name each flavor in Greek. It’s important to remember that speaking Greek in a carefree family context is essential to boost their Greek language skills and stay on the path to mastering the Greek language. Alt Text

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