Ellinopoula Live Online Classes Winter 2021


With 2021 upon us, it is that time of the year where we look back and review our achievements as well as our shortcomings and aim for better results in the year to come. Obviously, it has been a very challenging year for everyone in every walk of life due to the pandemic which has forced us all to go to great lengths to protect our wellbeing and that of our loved ones and the people around us.

During this very turbulent year, we have been honored with the award of Best Greek Online Learning Platform for Kids at the Education Leaders Awards 2020 and continued to see the platform rise in popularity amongst the Greek diaspora around the world. Furthermore, responding to our subscribers’ requests for a live online school service, we launched a pilot round of Live Online Group Classes via Zoom in the summer which was met with great enthusiasm and success, and then we had another successful round in the fall which concluded a few days ago.

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It has been an ambitious project for which we have assembled a team of excellent Greek teachers who deliver the classes once a week, based on the Ellinopoula.com platform curriculum. Parents’ feedback has been overwhelmingly positive regarding their children’s progress as well as how much their kids like their classes and look forward to the next one each week. That is why, Ellinopoula Live Online Classes will continue with a new round of winter classes scheduled to begin on January 5th, 2021.

Ellinopoula Online Classes are booked in 3-month blocks for a total of 12 classes catering to different time zones. Each class is delivered by a certified, Ellinopoula-approved Greek language teacher through Zoom with few students per class to ensure the right amount of participation and interaction.

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All classes are based on the Ellinopoula platform curriculum and are delivered once-weekly in 60-minute classes with a 10-minute break in the middle. This enables students to have ample time to prepare with the aid of the platform for their next Ellinopoula class. The classes cater to a wide range of levels including:

Kindergarten - for young children ages 5 - 6 years old and there are no prerequisites.

Beginner low - for no or very little basic knowledge, such as understanding, writing, and reading of the Greek language.

Beginner intermediate – for students with a basic/elementary knowledge of the Greek language who can read sentences containing all the letters of the alphabet who know very basic grammar.

Ellinomatheia – for students with moderate or good knowledge of the Greek language, both in writing, speaking, and comprehension of texts, and at least 3 years of Greek.

Ellinomatheia exam preparation – for students aged 8-12 planning on taking the exam in May. This is a fast pace class and though it is preparing kids for the exams, any student who can handle the pace can participate.

Adult beginner low – for adults with little or no Greek language skills.

You can click here to see more information and to book a class.

We look forward to seeing you again or joining our classes for the first time!

Wishing you all a Happy New Year ahead!

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