SKAI TV Covers the Ellinopoula Success Story on Live TV!


On August 3rd, Greek TV channel SKAI TV invited our Director, Dr. Mastromichalaki for a live Q&A on Newsroom, SKAI TV’s daily morning zone TV show covering all kinds of important domestic and international topics of the day. SKAI TV’s news anchors praised Ellinopoula as an incredible, user-friendly platform for kids to learn Greek.

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Dr. Mastromichalaki explained that the platform’s success results from a great team comprising education specialists, teachers, designers, and collaborators. This way, Ellinopoula caters to Diaspora parents worldwide by offering all levels of Greek, from kindergarten to Ellinomatheia – the official Greek language fluency certification.

Further, Dr. Mastromichalaki explained how Ellinopoula works for children learning Greek - through the Ellinopoula online platform, collaborations with Greek schools, and Live Online Classes which will resume in September!

As Dr. Mastromichalaki mentions in this and other interviews, the Greek Diaspora faces many challenges in finding a Greek school or lessons for their children. The pandemic brought Ellinopoula to the forefront of Greek language e-learning, giving thousands of Greeks worldwide the opportunity to discover Ellinopoula as they looked for effective and reliable online solutions for their kids to learn Greek. Ellinopoula uses a hybrid model combining the benefits of the Ellinopoula platform with the expert guidance of our qualified Live Online Classes teachers.

Further, parents quickly discover that Ellinopoula isn’t only about learning Greek. The platform is a vehicle for passing on Hellenism to the younger generations through Greek heritage, including Greek customs and holidays, mythology, history, and virtual excursions to Greece – which kids love! In fact, following our virtual excursions to Greece, many parents have shared that their kids have started asking them where their hometown is in Greece and when they might visit!

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The Ellinopoula academic team focuses on every student and their family to make sure they get the best out of Ellinopoula. Our teachers, directors, and staff reach out to parents individually to ensure their children are on the right track to learning Greek. We have established a community of parents, teachers, and students with regular meetings to address questions and expectations regarding children’s progress,

Heading into the Fall term, we look forward to more Greeks and philhellenes joining us and discovering the fun and effective Ellinopoula platform and Live Online Classes!

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