New Year New Goals


“Can my child learn Greek by June?”

This time of the year, parents often want to know whether their child, that speaks little to no Greek, will be able to converse with a very proud pappou and giagia or its cousins come June.

If you’re wondering whether your child can learn to speak Greek within six months, too, congratulations for having such a superb goal in mind because the answer is “yes!” However, to achieve this goal, we need to ensure three things:

1. Learning is FUN

As a parent, you know kids learn fast when the activities they engage in are fun and meaningful. Moreover, kids learn Greek faster by combining synchronous and asynchronous learning, meaning learning with a teacher in an online classroom and learning Greek between classes in the structured interactive environment of the Ellinopoula platform.

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To keep kids engaged and motivated, the Ellinopoula platform features a lot of fun series, games, and quizzes, including a lot of content inspired by Greek Mythology such as the game “Heroes and Monsters,” the series “Mission Odyssey,” and our new original series “Petros & Mythology.” Petros & Mythology is an original series that appeals to kids for its creative use of Greek mythology in a modern-day setting and the story of a child who can solve problems with his superpowers of knowledge and imagination. These help him think, question, argue, and persuade those around him – ultimately showing how the Greek language and heritage lead to a powerful mind! Also, kids love our virtual field trips to scenic and historic locations, including the Acropolis in Athens, Greek vineyards, the island of Aegina, and many more. Through the virtual field trips, kids can connect the Greek language with Greece, which sparks their interest and motivation to keep learning more.

2. Small Steps

For kids to learn Greek, they need a comprehensive syllabus that enables them to learn the language properly, one step at a time. We achieve this with the Learning Path, our structured methodology to learn one step at a time according to each child’s level. In this way, kids are gradually guided through an exciting world of interactive content, games, series, quizzes, and live group classes with qualified native Greek teachers who support and encourage kids to practice their skills in class.

Also, along the way, kids discover and take pride in their heritage as we celebrate Greek holidays including October 28th, March 25th, and Greek Orthodox Easter just as they would at school in Greece.

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3. Offer rewards

Kids learning any new skill benefit from getting rewards to reflect their progress. Learning Greek is no different! That’s why Ellinopoula uses gamification. Specifically, kids gain points as they progress on their platform, which enables them to celebrate their achievements. Also, the Ellinopoula platform allows parents to view their child’s progress with automated progress reports; these are important for parents to know that their child is learning Greek, but also for being able to congratulate and reward their child along the way.

Get Started with PremiumPlus!

Our Winter Term begins on January 7th; by signing up for our 2-in-1 PremiumPlus subscription, kids learn faster by combining full access to the Ellinopoula platform and our weekly Live Online Classes with certified native Greek teachers!

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