Learning Greek with Songs


Ellinopoula kids’ songs

What’s one of the most tried and tested methods for teaching a language? Singing! That’s why Greek kids’ songs are a fundamental method of ours for teaching the Greek alphabet and vocabulary to kids. Our team created a wide range of beautifully animated videos to make learning Greek, fun and more effective. Ellinopoula alphabet videos bring the Greek alphabet to life through fun stories kids love to watch and watch again! And our series of Kids Songs videos capture kids’ attention with their entertaining themes and tempo. This enables kids to learn each word naturally in its proper context. This means enhanced comprehension, pronunciation, and mastery of the Greek language for your child while enjoying beautiful Greek-themed animations.

Why learn with songs?

One of the most natural instincts we have as parents is to sing various words to our infant children. We know that the combination of moving our body and making melodic sounds at the same time gets kids more interested in what we are trying to show or teach them. Specifically, this is the first, most fundamental method we employ as parents to teach our kids how to speak. Learning Greek is no exception! Animation, music, and singing words slowly and clearly, enhance kids’ learning progress – and they have much more fun in the process!

To sing is to learn

Visit any pre-school class around the world and at some point, you’ll see the kids singing along with the teacher about language basics ranging from the alphabet to numbers, and words describing basic objects, family members, and natural phenomena. What teachers are doing is helping kids learn through discovery with music, tempo, colors, toys, play, and other types of experiential learning. Songs bring all these elements together and kids start to understand when to expect certain words to be used and when not. They also begin to appreciate the social function and power of language through the stories featured in each song.

learning Greek with the aid of song is more effective

Science backs it up

Learning with the aid of songs is not just more entertaining, it’s more effective! Multiple scientific papers confirm that kids love learning through playing, singing songs, and experiential learning. Furthermore, researchers have pointed to the fact that songs and rhymes appeal to primary language programs in our brains and form an essential part of learning a language. This was further demonstrated by comparing groups of kids who were taught a second language with the aid of songs with other groups who weren’t. The kids who learned with the aid of songs showed improved vocabulary and pronunciation – and probably had more fun!

Ready to have some fun singing along in Greek? Check out our kids’ song section.

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