Learning Greek Grammar through Games


Teaching grammar to kids is difficult, even if it’s the grammar of their native language. In the case of teaching Greek grammar to kids, there are some additional challenges compared to English, such as gendered articles.

For example:

The door” is: η πόρτα

The student” is: ο μαθητής

The boy” is: το αγόρι

And the plural is even worse!

So, can you blame kids for getting bored and frustrated with Greek grammar at times – especially when learning out of a book? Who can remember these articles if they haven’t seen them hundreds of times?

That’s why we constantly create colorful, action-packed interactive content with themes kids love, like Greek mythology, space travel, fairy tales, and others. In this way, we ensure they enjoy practicing and learning Greek grammar without even knowing it. In other words, they get to internalize Greek grammar rules through trial and error by playing, like a kid would growing up in a native Greek-speaking environment.

We achieve this with features like Space Words - our recently launched fun game for kids to practice their Greek grammar across three difficulty levels. Kids put on their space suits and go for a trip to the stars by picking the planet matching the correct article for each word as it appears from their spaceship’s cockpit while they gather points!

Alt Text

Similarly, to teach kids Greek syntax, we created Sentence Maker – a game where kids have to place words in the right order to form a sentence. The game makes a funny sound when they make a mistake to encourage them to try again and congratulates them when they get the sentence right. Sentence Maker features various kid-friendly themes, including boats, animals, and family settings, and is a very convenient way for kids to practice forming sentences quickly without having to write and re-write with pen and paper.

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In all, the Ellinopoula platform features a vast range of games and activities that make learning Greek a fun and effective experience for kids. They learn Greek grammar in an inviting, supportive environment and can subsequently practice and reinforce what they learned through fun games with interesting content rather than boring repetition from a book. To further accelerate their progress, we also offer weekly Live Online Classes where kids can practice and learn under the guidance of a certified native Greek teacher in an inviting and supportive classroom environment with Diaspora classmates from around the world.

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