How Kids Learn to Speak Greek with Ellinopoula


It is not uncommon for parents to reach out and share their previous experiences regarding their kids’ attempts to learn Greek. Unfortunately, even years of Greek lessons can result in little ability to speak Greek; this happens frequently and is one of the main reasons we created Ellinopoula.

At Ellinopoula, we do things differently.

We encourage kids to speak Greek from Day 1 From the beginning, kids discover that Ellinopoula is built to be a positive, fun, supportive environment inviting them to participate, through gamification and other methods to engage their curiosity and motivate them to speak Greek. For example, our “Easy Conversations” animated series is built for kids with no prior experience speaking Greek. It features basic conversations with tools designed to give kids control in mastering the Greek language; these are the ‘slow-fast’ function for adjusting audio speed, English subtitles, a phonetic guide, and a function to rewind 10 seconds to listen to any part again. Alt Text We discard outdated methods Some outdated methods are very resilient! Like repeating a word dozens of times “until the student gets it right.” Unfortunately, this mainly results in kids losing interest in learning Greek. Similarly, memorizing vocabulary out of context is another method leading kids to lose interest.

We designed Ellinopoula according to academic principles that encourage children to remain motivated to learn and speak Greek by guiding them to discover and master the Greek language at their own pace, based on their interests and learning styles.

We use modern methods, such as “Speak Up” – our voice recognition software - which allows kids to practice speaking Greek on their own. Speak Up is such a powerful tool that we’ve incorporated it into our Live Online Classes as a group activity for beginners to give them the motivation and joy to start speaking Greek.

We let kids enjoy mastering the language The Ellinopoula platform doesn’t contain negative feedback; instead, it rewards kids for their effort and asks them to try again. We encourage every student to make small, steady steps speaking Greek without correcting them directly – our methodology focuses on correcting the language, not the child. We praise every effort even if it is not correct - the teacher will repeat correctly what the student said erroneously, so the student hears proper Greek. This way, little by little, students correct their Greek on their own, making it their achievement! Alt Text We ensure the highest level of Greek language instruction We use native Greek speakers for all our online content, including our videos, games, and activities. In this way, kids listen only to clear, standard Greek with correct pronunciation, articulation, and intonation. Similarly, our Live Online Classes teachers are native Greek speakers with the necessary qualifications to teach Greek. They follow the Ellinopoula methodology and curriculum with the support of our academic director and the Ellinopoula platform.

We cater to all levels Ellinopoula features a wide range of conversational series to cover all students, from beginners to advanced. In addition, our structured “Learning Path” methodology ensured kids learn – and speak - Greek at the right pace to match their level.

We give kids the opportunity to speak! Last but not least, we provide kids an environment to practice speaking their Greek! Our Live Online Classes are a fun, inviting environment for kids to practice what they’ve learned through group activities, songs, Speak Up, arts and crafts, and others, under the guidance of a certified, native Greek teacher. In this way, kids enjoy their ability to participate by speaking Greek to their teacher and classmates!

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